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Kimono Sizing

Kimono Sizing:

There are 3 measurements to determine sizing for this kimono. Your measurements do not have to be sure accurate as this is a very oversized pattern. I actually size down quite a bit.

My measurements: 
-Full Bust ( around your fullest bust area): 36"
- Waist ( natural waist in the tiniest part of your midsection): 31" 
- Hips ( widest art, most likely mid butt): 40"

So looking at the size chart and my measurements, I'm a M bust, XL waist and a M hips. Because of how this pattern fits I completely ignore the waist part as it is not fitted in that area. So I measure at a Medium. I prefer to wear the XXS in this size and will post photos below of the difference in the fits.

This is the XXS kimono in a sheer chiffon fabric: 

This is the M kimono in a sheer chiffon fabric:

As you can see, both fit. I just prefer the XXS as it is a slimmer fit and not so oversized, but that is my preference. The M would be something I would take to the pool as a swim cover up whereas the XXS might be a little small for that.

A couple other things to note about kimonos. Different fabrics will effect the look as well. Right now I offer a sheer chiffon and a couple in a basic cotton. Check out the photos below to see the difference. The chiffon is more flowy while the cotton is more structured, both have a drape to them that works great for these kimonos.

Cotton Kimono in Medium: (This fabric does require a bit more attention as it does wrinkle)

Chiffon Kimono in Medium: